1. How to Avoid and Remove Window Condensation

    Some homes have a problem with windows sweating on the inside during the winter, whenever the temperature drops to about 40 degrees F. Even the frames and the sills become wet. This even happens on newer homes that are well insulated. If you have this problem, the humidity level in your home is prob…Read More

  2. Top 10 Easy Flowers to Grow From Seed

    1. California poppies A popular native wildflower in California, this flower thrives in dry, sandy soil. This plant doesn’t transplant well, so plant seeds as soon as the soil can be worked in spring. California poppies often reseed and show up in the driest corners of the garden. 2. Calendula Thi…Read More

  3. 6 Snow Removal Tips

    Winter 2015 is expected to bring more snow to the East and colder temperatures to the South and Midwest. It seems like we hear these horrid predictions every year and as such, if you live in these areas, one must know how to deal with a tough winter.   Snow removal is perhaps the most intense a…Read More

  4. Maintenance for Wooden Decks

    Because decks are exposed to the elements all year round, it’s a good idea to establish a routine of upkeep that’ll protect your deck and prevent expensive repairs. Here’s a simple maintenance schedule to help keep your deck safe, sound, and looking great. Late Spring: Wash the Deck An unwashe…Read More

  5. Why Ventilation Matters

    Your home’s ventilation system is the backbone of the structure’s health and durability. When your ventilation system is out of order or not balanced correctly, havoc can ensue, leaving you with high electric bills, as well as a damaged roof. The ventilation process helps to keep your home’s a…Read More